I took a trip to Marina in Lagos, with Kemi and Busayo (two amazing friends). The ‘Marina’ area in Lagos is home to many city monuments: The Balogun market, The Cathedral church of Christ, The General Post office etc. It is the Central Business District of Lagos, the popular frame for photos of the Lagos city sky line. It is one of the beauties of Lagos. I wasn’t intrigued by the sky scrapers and colonial structures though. Well, not this time… I was more taken aback by the People in Marina, Lagos. Every day, thousands of Lagosians troop up and about Marina, from the banking executives chasing finance, to the market sellers and buyers debating prices for a mutually benefiting bargain. It is a place of beauty. I see life through all perspectives and I realize that it isn’t really about achieving greatness. It is more about having a dream (however big or small) , chasing it and achieving it. The trader, hawking her ‘kunu’ all round Marina, just wants to make enough to send her son to school, so he can become somebody. The banker just wants to work his way up the corporate ladder to become the Head of Department. Both are very valid and true aspirations. The beauty of the people of Marina, is that, amidst all the challenges, from the blazing hot sun on the traders face, to the exorbitant targets on the banker’s chest, they all remain resilient, jumping the hoops and chasing their dreams. This is to all the people of Marina, in Lagos, and all the ‘Marinas’ in the world. STAY RESILIENT.



The Lady and The Cathedral

All in a day’s work

The Post Office

Broad street






A lot has happened in the last two weeks… First, I changed the content of my first post…’The Agatha Story’. Very cliché! So I did something different, more original, true to myself. I also got a lot of good reviews on the blog. People actually enjoyed it! I was so humbled, because honestly, I felt a lot of people would find it hilarious, like an elaborate joke. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I have a new found respect for bloggers… running a website is NOT EASY; creating content, editing, putting yourself and your work out in the world for public judgement and consumption… I almost gave up but getting feedback that people were actually looking forward to more of my work inspired me to continue. Plus, I spoke so much about ‘doing more and taking bold steps’ the last time.. would be a shame if I gave up after the first try… This inspired my post for today… ‘Stay Resilient’

I HAVE TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU TO KEMI AND BUSAYO for helping me out on this project.

 You guys are the BEST! Follow them on instagram:
Kemi: @kemisolapebbles

Busayo: @busayoooo

Also follow me on my other platforms:
Instagram: @jeumao
Have a lovely week ahead.


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