Starting up is overwhelming. It really is. Someone once told me that ‘conquering the beginning is a success in itself’, i totally agree. I think the fear of starting-up is the reason many people never go out and achieve anything. We get content with mediocrity because we’re afraid. Not even going to lie, I’ve been one of those people. “I don’t want to fail and embarrass myself”.. But, what if you do??? You will learn.. And get better. That is life. At least you tried and did something with your life, added some value to the world, however small. Probably touched someone, saved a life, inspired him, put a smile on her face, in urban language – ‘Snatched her weave!’, ‘gave her Laaaif’……. that one life you’ve touched may make all the difference. So why hide your beautiful self? why deprive the world of your blessing. ‘Show them what you’ve got!’ BE LIMITLESS!…. 

I’ve always been drawn to creativity for as long as I can remember… (cliche, i know…but really true, for arts and culture generally, photography and cinematography in particular, my amazing friends and family have always pushed for me to take it seriously and do something valuable with it. ‘What’s the point???? Really though? what’s the point of putting everything out there’….i ask. I really don’t know. I don’t have that answer. One thing I’ve learnt from success stories though is that the road is never really clear, you never really know what you’re going to do, what next… but you’re just sure of what you’re going to be. I can say… I am sure. It’s a burning passion. What’s your burning passion?

oh yea…. Welcome to the Finally! Where i hope to give some importance to my burning passion for Arts and culture – photography, cinematography. I’m starting this journey with a look at the past… a few of my fave old photos….. Let me know what you think?  (Be nice though! Lol)








Standing tall



Even in the dark.

So what do you think?

I also created this montage… i particularly like this. I hope you get inspired to DO MORE! ‘cos you’ve got what it takes! 

Have an amazing week Guys! till i drop by again… soon…

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